The land mark history of Christ the King Church begins with the transfer of possession of the land of Vlaiyaveettil Venkitteswara Pai Kesava Pai, through a sale deed in 1939.

In the early days oppositions aroused in the construction of the church.Bro. Polycarp from Varapuzha monastery constructed a wooden shed and erected a Holy Cross and named the place as “ChristNagar”.On one fine morning Rev.Fr.Panackal from Varapuzha monastery offered here the first Holy Mass.Holy Mass was offered every Sunday, there after unhampered.

1953:On the basis of the memorandum submitted to the archbishop, for the appointment of a residential priest to the church,Rev. Fr. Alexander Kannickel was appointed as the first residential priest, in 1953.Since there was no church presbytery Fr. Alexander had to stay in a nearby rented house. Within the short span of his spiritual service he had organised Compreria(“DharshanaSamooham”).He consecrated the sacred statues of Christ the King and Mother of Mount Carmel in the church.

1953: Rev.Fr.Paul Attipetty was appointed as the 2nd residential priest and remained in service for three years. Before his arrival a temporary presbytery was constructed in the church compound. The pious organisations like Legion of Mary, Marian Sodality and ‘ThiruhridayaSakyham’ were started under his eminent service. It was in his period, during the feast day of Christ the King,the nearby parishioners come in procession by raising the slogan “ChristuRajanJaikkatte”to Christ the King church. Sermons and benediction were the hallmarks of the feast. He was also instrumental in the construction of the small chapel of St. Pope Pious X near the roadside.

August 1956:Fr.Mathew Kooliyath  was appointed as the 3rd residential priest. During his period the church established it’s own cemetery.

June 1958:Fr. John Variyath became the 4th residential priest.

May 1960:Fr. Joseph Kunnumthara took charge as the 5th residential priest, after Fr. John Variyath. It was in this period the parishioner Fr. Daniel Thattarassery was ordained and offered his first Holy Mass.

May 1962: Fr.Mark Pallan  was appointed as the 6th residential priest. In October 1962 the foundation stone of the present church was laid and the novena to St: Jude was begun on every Thursdays.

April 1977: Construction of the present church was completed on 17 April 1977 and was blessed by the Most Rev.Dr. Joseph Kelanthara the then Archbishop of Verapoly.

July 1978:Fr.Paul Dencil Louis was appointed as the 7th residential priest. During this period in June 1st 1986 Christ the King Church was raised to the status of an independent Parish. Thus Paul Dencil became the first parish priest of Christ the King church.

June 1986: 2nd parish priest Fr.George Mangalath, constructed the old parish hall.

October 1986: 28th October Fr.Peter Kunnalakattu became the 3rd parish priest.

March 1993: Fr.Antony Cheriyakadavil was appointed as the 4th parish priest of Christ the King Church.

May 1994: Fr. Alosious Thaiparambil became the 5th parish priest. During his period a new presbytery was required. Hence, on 21st September 1995 foundation stone was laid for the presbytery and it was completed and  blessed by the Most Rev.Dr.Cornelius Elanjikkal, the then Arch Bishop of Verapoly on 3rd oct 1996.

Feb 1998: On Feb 20 1998 Fr. Vargheese Edathil took over the charge as the 6th parish priest but remained in service only for three months.

June 1998: Fr. Titus Kurishuveettil was appointed on 2nd June 1998 as the 7th parish priest. He conducted the Block Agapes; strengthened and rejuvenated the family units, youth wings and other pious organisations.

A succession of priests’ led the parish as it grew.

March 2006: Preceding years as the 8th parish priest Fr.Lawrence Nelliparambitook over the charge.

March 2006: Fr. Charles Lopez became the 9th parish priest.

May 2007: Fr.Thomas Chinganthara was  appointed as the 10th parish priest in May 2007 and he renovated the altar and extended the old parish hall .

December 2010: Today, we are ably served by our present (11th) parish priest Rev.Fr.Joseph Joy Mathirapilly who took over the charge on 18th December 2010. Christ the King church, through the enterprise of the Rev. Fr. Joseph Joy, has taken steps forward for the beautification of the church.His intuitive vision which initiated further parish development.Parishioners cherish his mission, dedication and hard work and full of praises for him. Renewal of the old Cemetery by mounds leveling, floor tiling, pathway roof ceiling and installation of the beautiful statue of Pieta made it a place of tranquility and peace. He is passionate in all the deeds within the parish. The sense of unity that he brought among the parishioners by rejuvenating the family units, strengthening different prayer committees, reforming church choir, empowering students through education forums and students forums, disciplining Catechism Departments and P.T.A  deserves due recognition and prestige. His aesthetic sense revealed through the renovations of the parish includes, modification in the altar by the electric lighting on either side of the altar radiating both sideways, brightens the lovely altar. Beautification and renovation works including pews along pathways and landscaping, remodelling of the front gate and adjacent chapels, reconstruction of the wall with stations of the cross having life like statues and nearby meadows, with newly painted church with beautiful Italian style Bell Tower bring new beauty and serenity to the house of worship and new light in hearts of worshippers. The newly constructed Parish Hall with the Flagstaff which were blessed by Rt.Rev.Dr.Rev.Fr.Francis Kallarackal, the Arch Bishop of Verapoly on 28-8-2016, is a remarkable magnum opus. May the spirit of Christ the King and our patron saint St. Jude inspire and bless us with purified hearts and minds, and continue to honor God through our good deeds, in coming days and years.